I aspire to inspire, and I believe that mathematics is for all. I enjoy writing, designing, composing music and studying how mathematics relates to everyday life.

How did I start out?

In Form 2 (Grade 8 in the US), I visited Murray Bourne’s website Interactive Mathematics as well as his blog, and from the latter I found Miss Celine Loi, a private maths tutor in Singapore. Challenged to find real-life uses of quadratic equations thanks to #1 of Murray’s post, I found Plus Magazine, which changed my life in many ways:

  • It featured the Maths in The City competition (now gone), which I entered, and through it I was encouraged to keep writing;
  • From the Maths in The City Twitter feed, I found out about the Ada Lovelace Day mentorship; and
  • Plus Magazine shaped how I wrote the content for the new website of the Department of Mathematics at CUHK http://www.math.cuhk.edu.hk.

My hobbies are very varied. Apart from indoor activities like reading and knitting, I also like travelling and various sports: running, swimming, tennis and archery. In my spare time, I keep learning new things. 

Current engagements

  • Planning her next writing adventure