Cassandra Lee Yieng (Cass) is a published author, artist, musician and data scientist.

Cassandra Lee Yieng, at "I Am A Woman" symposium, 2017
Cassandra Lee Yieng, 2017

She has a background in mathematics and computer science, and has spoken at TEDxCUHK 2016 and I Am a Woman 2017.

Cass writes to inspire. A lover of stories, Cass excavates them from real-world data by day and from her imagination by night. Her publications include an essay on female mathematician Emmy Noether and a cybersecurity horror story, and she has blogged for Huffington Post, National Novel Writing Month, and WOW! Women on Writing.

As an advocate for girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Cass spearheaded the publication of a newsletter on female mathematics students and alumni at CUHK. She was also a copywriter for the Hong Kong host of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, which targets children and teenagers.

Her storytelling goes beyond words: she has written music for two joint-university films (BOughT, DID I), and she posts her artwork online.

Cass has been a maths writer, student journalist and K-12 teacher. She now works as a research assistant at CUHK, and plans to become a fully fledged data scientist in industry.