Month: February 2020

Privacy and Discomfort

Why do we say we value privacy, but we give away too much of ourselves to apps and large tech companies, knowingly or unknowingly?

I’d like to say a little something about two podcasts I’d heard while I was away from the digital world:

My theory, after listening to both, is that even with security experts, we are reluctant/slow to take actions towards securing our digital privacy (such as changing passwords, not reusing the same password on multiple websites/apps, making passwords ridiculously long, or updating our apps), because “neurologically, everything we do, we do for one reason, and that is to avoid discomfort” (direct quote from Nir Eyal in the transcript of the second link), and securing our privacy on digital devices and services increases our discomfort.

What are the merits and faults of this “tendency to avoid discomfort leads to negligence of Internet privacy” theory? On the point of discomfort, what can we do to lean in to the discomfort, and protect our digital footprint?