Three Wishes: December 2, 2016

You bump into a genie and she offers to grant you three wishes. What are your wishes and why?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.529

My first wish is to complete my Master’s degree right now because I don’t want it to further impede my progress in other areas of life. I feel like coding is draining and not a particularly good use of my gifts and talents. I would much rather spend my time doing research for my stories, making music, or learning design because they’re much more aligned to my interests. I also want to brush up on probability, statistics, and other mathematical fields I haven’t explored yet. I need the time to be able to digest the material I’ve read, and having a degree-in-progress is such an obstacle that I want to get it done and over with as soon as possible. It might help me get a job, but it won’t help me launch a career.

My second wish is to have my novel completed. That way, I could revise it. Now it’s only 20%-25% done and I doubt I could go any further without the necessary research to back it up. This is because by doing more than enough research for the story, I will be able to fill in the missing gaps and overcome writers’ block. I have many ideas, but only those who can turn ideas into reality can be considered successful. In particular I want to comprehend mathematical ideas easily, yet also relate them to an audience that is not predisposed to such ideas. The reason people don’t like mathematics is the way it’s presented to them; just like things become taboos because people express their disdain for them. Moreover, girls, though they make up a huge readership, are not confident in their mathematical abilities in general, and while the majority easily considers boys to be smarter — studies show that girls already think so at the tender age of six — the “smart girls” who make up the minority are also discouraged in that they think that their abilities are fixed and do not change over time, so when they try and fail, they think they’re incompetent and become less willing to learn.

My third wish is to become famous. That’s because I have many world-changing ideas and I want to be able to influence people to carry them out. I want to make a huge impact on the world, and being behind the scenes will limit the amount of good I could do. I’m not for being famous just to stroke my ego; that would be a terrible ego to have, and it would lead to lots of self-interested behaviour that’s counterproductive in the long run. I want the fame so that I could use it to help people achieve their potential and maximise their chances of success. I want to see the people I help succeed in life. That said, if they turn out to be complacent and unwilling to “make it”, I am ruthless enough not to help them. If I get famous, I will make sure key messages are heard and effective action is taken.