Rudolph’s Revenge: December 16, 2016

After years of teasing and name-calling, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has finally had it. Write a strongly-worded letter to all the other reindeer from Rudolph, allowing him to air his grievances and announce that he is quitting to join (fill in the blank).

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.553

Dear reindeer,

I have had enough of your teasing. I am writing this letter to make sure all of you know that I am not passive and I am determined to fight for a place in the reindeer world.

I never wanted to have a red nose in the first place. I know that I am different, but being different does not make me wrong. I should not be singled out for mockery in the first place because our forefathers have said that all reindeer are made equal.

I am glad to have worked with Saint Nicholas, a.k.a. Santa Claus, in the past and he has been an encouraging and accommodating boss. In fact it was his idea to put me in the leading position so that all the children in the world would see the red nose as his trademark. Alas, this move provoked all your jealousy. You all thought that I was somehow better than all of you even though I was a novice in pulling sleighs back then. That’s why you all boycotted the sleighs on the Christmas Eve of 1945. The day after that was Black Christmas. I am not learned in the causality of events, but I am sure you all have a responsibility to the poor children who are deprived of their holiday cheer because of political reasons.

After I was awarded for good service, you all signed a petition to oust me from my position. I believed that none of you would win, but somehow your determination paid off and you put me in a difficult position. I can tell you that Santa was not happy to see me go, but he knew that my potential was best expressed as his trademark. You have all given me a hard life.

Following my discharge, none of you have disturbed me. But that disturbed me because I no longer had a purpose. For the first time in my life, no one could find a good alternative use for my red nose. I tried to contact Santa again, but he told me that he was busy training new recruits and they have been performing well. I am sad at this.

Of late I have not found another reindeer with a red nose, but I have made acquaintances with several disabled reindeer who cannot pull sleighs. We have been foraging and looking out for prey together. Today and henceforth, I am setting up the Organization for Different Reindeer so that all rejected reindeer will have a place to go and a community to accept them for what they are. So far we have organized several rallies to raise awareness, and our numbers are growing.

To the typical reindeer out there: Stop giving us names. Stop making fools out of us. We are different and we are not ashamed of that. If anyone discriminates against us, we will appeal to the highest court to make sure he or she gets eaten by prey of our choice.

Yours sincerely,