Truth or Lie About You: January 3, 2017

Write 4 things about yourself that are true and one that’s a lie. Then, go on to at least one other person’s post and guess which one is the lie.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.539

Below are five short paragraphs, but only four of them are true about me. See if you can spot the false one.

I write down a to-do list every day, but my to-do list is slightly different from the typical checklist. Instead of boxes to tick, it has circles for me to fill in. This is because paper forms to be scanned by computers, such as multiple-choice answer sheets, require me to fill in circles rather than check boxes, and I want to train myself to be able to follow such instructions should the need arise. Don’t worry, I still know how to tick boxes. The nagging problem, then, is to fill in all the circles by midnight every day. That turns out to be a huge challenge unless I have only a few circles.

I have written a story called “Toby and His Cat-ty Adventures”, a fairytale about a boy who overcomes odds to win the heart of the magical daughter of the village chief. She appeared as a cat in his adventures, hence the “cat-ty” adventures. However, my unwritten stories deal with topics I have not researched before. “Deborah and the Missing April 2nd”, for example, is a mystery which requires some time-bending physics. My friend says that life would still go on if a day is skipped, so I’ll also need a plot compelling enough to cause an upheaval.

I used to write in my dairy a lot in my third year of university, but nowadays I find that churning out this piece is a little difficult for me. I have regrets that resurface time and again and I don’t want to address them every time I sit down and write, so my journalling stopped. It doesn’t get to the root of the problem, but at least I don’t have to reopen past wounds all the time, feel melancholy about them, and make my parents worry about my emotional state.

I love Hong Kong. Public transport is convenient and I could go anywhere in two hours or less. I watch the news frequently to keep track of the political situation of Hong Kong because that will affect the economy and the citizens’ well-being. Hong Kong is a financial hub which bridges the East and the West, so what happens here affects both sides. American politics is also important because the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar and whatever happens there impacts us.

My room contains a lot of paper printed on one side. The printed side could be confidential information, dated course notes, advertisements, or bank documents. I use them to do sums, plot ideas, and take notes during class. I collect all the used paper which I don’t need anymore and sell them to a woman who works in the recycling business every month since three or four years ago. The payment we receive is proportional to the weight of the paper. We buy food and household items with the coins we get.