Welcome to my website.

Hi, I’m Cassandra.

So you might be thinking:

What value does a writer, artist, musician, and mathematician like me bring?


I enjoy thinking about businesses.

Art is a business, whether you like it or not.

Writers need a market for their books.

Artists need outlets for their designs.

Musicians need listeners.

Life is art for me.

But I chose a different path from others who want to do art.

To measure success or failure in a business,

mathematics is involved.

Matrix algebra, statistics and probability are used in big data analytics,

and various guises of calculus are used in optimisation problems.

Plus, I am currently studying such topics.

More than that, I love connecting with people, and

I’d love to talk to you about your next big idea.

So, give me a shout and let’s see what we can get from here.

I love emails from real people! 

Need a boost in publicity?

Stand out online in your desired field and beat your competitors with my expertise writing for the press, websites and STEM-related topics. A poet at heart, I am also able to supplement the lyrics for musical gigs.

Tap into my expertise writing for the press and the web now.



Need eye-catching designs?

Wow your viewers with stunning, stylish artwork and illustrations, bringing characters in books to life, capturing the moments that suit your needs best, and giving a warm human touch to the uncertain cyberworld out there.



Need a jingle (or a little tune to wow that person in mind)?

Move your audience and turn up sales with original music from an efficient and dependable composer, pianist, flautist and singer all rolled into one.

Make your next show the talk of the town – book me now.



Need a tutor in maths-based subjects?

Boost your scores at negotiable prices.
Tuition for other subjects are available.

On research opportunities, I am interested in algebra, geometry, analysis, computational maths and their intersections.